SWC Security

About Us


As a leading security provider, SWC SECURITY takes pride in protecting the wellbeing of their customers and businesses every day.

Above all, security is a people business.


SWC Security is Australia’s leading integrated security and facilities solutions provider. We make every effort to provide our clients with industry-leading facilities and peace of mind with our state of the art technology and highly qualified staff. We will continue to grow and expand our business by maintaining a culture that recognises and rewards innovation through our commitment to excellence.


SWC SECURITY headquartered in Melbourne provides Security Resources and Technology collectively with Facilities Management Services to the relevant market sectors within Australia.

We are committed to exceed our client’s expectations at all times


SWC SECURITY closely upkeeps each and every one of its clients. By taking the time to understand you or your company, we can tailor a solution that can meet your continuing requirements or encounter the prospects of your corporation.

Our people are our strength. We work together as one united team to always deliver nothing less than the finest conceivable outcomes

Solid leadership is endorsed at all stages of the business by providing clear course, active support, prompt decision making and productive feedback.

New philosophies or advice is always motivated. By striving for brilliance, SWC SECURITY will continually improve its services wherever we can, guaranteeing we are always meeting the varying desires of our customers.

Work Health & Safety is integral to the planning and delivery of all services. At SWC SECURITY, safety is carefully integrated and implemented.


SWC SECURITY operates a selective security resource provided in conjunction with a Total Facilities Management Service. Although our advanced electronic technologies are specific in their application they are not exclusively restricted to the Commercial, Industrial, Building and Construction Industry, Government and Defence Departments.

All resources are actively involved in the delivery of any security service / products are licensed in accordance with State and where applicable overseas requirements.

All resources are actively involved in the delivery of Facilities Management Services will be appropriately qualified incommerce. SWC SECURITY is proud their time privilege affairs, specialized services to clients and commitment to quality in customer service. We ensure our services are cost effective and represent value for money.

OHS Management Policy

The management of SWC SECURITY is committed to the provision of a place of work that is safe and without risk to the health, safety

and welfare of all its employees. As part of our Core Values “we believe our people must, be valued as the key to our success:

This commitment is also extended to include visitors, contractors and members of the general public who may be affected by the

undertakings of the company. In making this commitment we recognize that NO Task, Job or item of work is ever urgent enough o r important enough tom ignore safety practices and safety methods.

This will be achieved by:

Promoting safe working policies to all our employees, our suppliers, customers and contractors and maintaining reputation within the industry as a reasonable company, genuinely committed to safety;

Using an integrated approach to safety and risk management with appropriate education, training and encouragement for all employees, the objective being continual improvement in our safety and risk management performance. The implementing and maintaining of a documented reporting system so that any incident that could give rise to adverse health or

have an unsafe impact is investigated, and actions taken to avoid or mitigate such impact. Ensuring that all resources and assets are used in a responsible manner to ensure the rehabilitation of any injured employee

Having in place written emergency response plans to be implemented in the event of any major incident. These plans are formulated

to safeguard and wellbeing of employees, contractors and the community at large. Our commitment to achieving these objectives, while at the same time, providing a quality service to our customers is consistent with our business vision to be an industry leader in “World’s Best Practise” standards.


Quality System

SWC SECURITY’s commitment to quality is based upon following the principles of ISO 9001:2000 and particularly the key elements of

customer needs and focus. As a company our commitment to quality is instilled at the most senior levels and is expressed in or

“Excellence Philosophy”. The company recognizes that communication with, and understanding and anticipating the needs of our customers has been and will

continue to be the foundation of our success. To achieve this process we maintain a comprehensive monitoring and communication

system to ensure we are fulfilling our customer’s present and future requirements. Our procedures Document

This defines our procedures, how they are achieved and the work flow processes in our organization. Work Instructions

These are comprehensive sets of instructions for our staff, Site Operations Manual and documentation specific for each our client sites.

Our Quality Records

These are the internal records we keep to ensure that our system functions to specification. Our Quality Flow is based upon:

  • Understanding our customers’ needs
  • Stating what we will do
  • Doing what we say we will do
  • Maintaining and continually improving our system


Environment Policy

We support the environment and continually monitor our ethical and cultural standards, to make a positive impact on the surrounding physical and social environment.

It is our policy to:

  • Minimise the use of energy, water and natural resources.
  • Minimise waste through prevention, re-use and recycling where possible.
  • Dispose of waste safely and legally.
  • Avoid the use of hazardous materials, where practical.
  • Work with environmentally responsible suppliers.
  • Prevent environmental damage and minimise nuisance factors such as noise and air pollution.

We are committed to providing relevant environmental training and promoting environmental awareness to employees and, where appropriate, to suppliers and to communicating our environmental performance.


At SWC SECURITY, Corporate Social Responsibility is a central obligation and is treated with great significance. We are firm

to make an optimistic involvement to the environment and reflect not only economic factors, but also communal matters.

Statement of Responsibility:


  • Meet our responsibilities to all of our stakeholders (direct or indirect), in order to create and preserve justifiable accomplishment for the corporation and consequently attain long-term sustainable triumph for the community at large
  • Incorporation of self-regulation into our business model integrating issues such as commercial morality, corporate social responsibility, communal performance and viable business drill.
  • Inspire practical contribution of all employees in activities that have a positive impact on the environment, consumers, fellow employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere