Concierge Security is our area of expertise.

SWC Concierge security services distinctively cover the operations of front desk, concierge and doormen services. These exclusive services allow us to provide to our following customers’ miscellaneous lifestyle services needs.

  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Residential

We offer our clients a prospect to advance service operations while realizing additional economies of scale.

SWC Concierge security services provide its customers with an inimitable service that creates peace of mind and luxury. Whether it be travel, music, art, commercial, residential, high rises, food, drink, hotels, , retail, clubs, spas, restaurants, tickets or – most particularly – service, SWC Concierge/Security service is your passport to the very best of the services in its kind.

SWC Concierge security staffs are well skilled in hospitality and customer service. All our Concierge staff holds a Certificate 3 or Certificate 4 in Security. Adding hospitality training to our concierge guard’s skill set means they comprehend the vital customer interaction role they undertake. To ensure service standards are retained at all times, it is mandatory for SWC concierge staff to be assured in all affairs of your site’s policies and events and we conduct random spot assessment to ensure our staffs remain exceptional.

Our individual, dedicated and corporate support delivers clients with the excellence in management service. With our knowledge and contacts in the diligence we always find an enhanced way to make uptight lives trouble-free and more pleasant.
Concierge, doormen and front desk services are in very high demand and have experienced significant growth over the years. SWC has been successfully able to meet all demands efficiently and cost-effectively. Our dedication to customer service, hospitality and productivity is what distinguish our services from that of our adversaries.

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