Retail Security

Loss Prevention Officer and Retail Security

The Australian Retail Association reveals that shoplifting forms part of the largest crime category in Australia, costing businesses more than $4 billion each year. This represents shrinkage to the value of between two and four percent in the sector as a wide spread result of professional shop stealing.SWC Security recognizes the need for Australian retailers to capitalize in the accurate security solutions that prevents shop lifting and boosts the customers ‘shopping experience.Our retail security officers/loss prevention officers are well trained in observation skills, security technology and, most importantly, customer service.
To assist Australian retailers to reduce shrinkage, SWC Security offers a full range of anti-theft security services directly or through our strategic alliance partnerships.SWC Security understands retail security is not just restricted to the store but is also extended to distribution centres and the retail corporate facilities where to assist retailers we offer a range of security solutions ensuring successful business outcomes are accomplished by the retailer.
Tailored Retail/Loss Prevention Services include:

  • Retail security officers
  • Monitored alarm systems
  • Investigation
  • Undercover operations
  • CCTV
  • Loss prevention strategies
  • Risk assessment
  • Employee awareness training
  • Concierge services
  • First-aid
  • Access control
  • Loading dock and delivery assistance/supervision

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