SWC Security

OHS Management Policy

OHS Management Policy

The management of SWC SECURITY is committed to the provision of a place of work that is safe and without risk to the health, safety, and welfare of all its employees. As part of our Core Values “we believe our people must be valued as the key to our success:

This commitment is also extended to include visitors, contractors, and members of the general public who may be affected by the undertakings of the company. In making this commitment we recognize that NO Task, Job, or item of work is ever urgent enough or important enough to ignore safety practices and safety methods.

This will be achieved by:

Promoting safe working policies to all our employees, our suppliers, customers, and contractors and maintaining a reputation within the industry as a reasonable company, genuinely committed to safety;

Using an integrated approach to safety and risk management with appropriate education, training, and encouragement for all employees, the objective is a continual improvement in our safety and risk management performance. The implementation and maintenance of a documented reporting system so that any incident that could give rise to adverse health or have an unsafe impact is investigated and actions are taken to avoid or mitigate such impact. Ensuring that all resources and assets are used in a responsible manner to ensure the rehabilitation of any injured employee.

Having in place written emergency response plans to be implemented in the event of any major incident. These plans are formulated to safeguard and well-being of employees, contractors, and the community at large. Our commitment to achieving these objectives, while at the same time, providing a quality service to our customers is consistent with our business vision to be an industry leader in “World’s Best Practise” standards.

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