Security Patrols Melbourne

Mobile Security Patrols Melbourne Based Services

The reliable mode of Security Patrols Melbourne that we provide maximizes the disincentive value of our services and increases the level of protection of your premises from possible hooligans & criminals.

High-Tech Security Implementations:

High visibility signage is displayed and electronic tracking helps us track the frequency and effectiveness of visits.

Our Mobile Patrol Team builds up a profile of your industry and its surroundings. This assists the team to determine what is usual movement and standard procedures at your site; along with the facts of the physical location should we be required to respond to an urgent situation. Thus, once you opt for Security Patrols in Melbourne, random welfare checks and Control Room assistance provided to the Patrol Officers will ensure you, and your proper safety and will also help to maximize the quality delivered to the client.

Methodical Threat Detection and Steps to Avert Risk:

Our security guards in Sydney have to examine existing points of entry i.e. Doors, windows, gates, and fence lines to check they are secured.

  • Patrol Officers to conduct an inspection of grounds within the perimeter of the site including equipment and vehicles.
  • Persons found on site will be questioned for identification and authorization and appropriately dealt with.
  • Patrol Officers to offer Staff Escorts where required.
  • Patrol Officers to deliver Staff Welfare Checks.
  • Patrol Officers to assist you with opening and closing of premises.
  • Patrol Officers to respond to alarms.

SWC Security’s Mobile Patrol service offers dynamic and proactive security solutions for businesses. Our highly trained Mobile Patrol security guards conduct regular, randomized patrols to deter criminal activities and respond swiftly to any incidents. Equipped with advanced communication tools and a keen eye for potential risks, our guards ensure the safety of your property and assets. Whether it’s securing industrial sites, residential areas, or commercial spaces, SWC Security’s Mobile Patrol service provides a visible and effective security presence. Choose peace of mind with our responsive and dedicated security professionals, delivering unmatched protection tailored to your specific needs.

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