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Quick Ways to Improve Corporate Security

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If you are a small business owner, you might think that you are immune from break-ins and cyberattacks. After all, it is easy to assume that criminals are more interested in giant corporations and their deeper pockets. Unfortunately, statistics show a different picture. Criminals actually target small businesses at an alarming rate, and these companies are usually the least equipped to cope with losses that come with data theft.

The good news is that one ounce of prevention is surely worth a pound of cure. The more that you invest in securing your business and company, the less likely you will be targeted by criminals. Aside from investing in a security system, here are the strategies that will significantly improve security at your small business.

  • Regulate access. One easy way to limit the risk of data or equipment being stolen is to make it hard to access data and equipment. This can take several forms, including distributing as few keys as possible to employees; installing an access control system to limit access to certain areas; changing locks if you lose your keys; and ensuring all keys are returned if employees leave the company.
  • Update locks, doors, and windows. Reinforced wood or steel doors are most likely to stand up against attempted break-ins. Commercial-grade, high-security locks are crucial for all entrances and exits, and for internal doors leading to areas where expensive equipment or sensitive information is stored. Finally, invest in window locks, and ensure that they stay locked when the window or door is not in use.
  • Check the building before and after work. Casing your building before and after work is a great way to develop a sense of what is normal and not, and alert you to potential issues as soon as possible. Aside from taking dealing with this on your own, encourage your employees to report anything that looks suspicious or out of place.
  • Shred important documents before disposing of them. Sensitive material is not safe in the trash because anyone can access it. Minimize potential harm by shredding sensitive documents like printed communications, customer quotes, invoices, and others. Afterward, dispose them via recycling as an added layer of security.
  • Prioritize cybersecurity. A huge percentage of cyberattacks are directed at small businesses. Thus, it is important to consider the digital aspects of the business security along with the physical. There are several layers of cybersecurity but plan to secure your wi-fi network; lock up company laptops; limit employees granted admin access; back up all data on a regular basis, and create security-minded data storage plan.
  • Develop a response plan. If a break-in or a security breach happens, no one in your team will think straight. Help people effectively respond by giving them a response plan before anything happens and training them in the right protocols. Even when the team never has to use this knowledge, it will empower and relieve employees knowing that there is a plan in place.

Corporate security in your small business today can help avoid both physical and cyberattacks in the future. You will also give yourself and your employees greater peace of mind, which alone should make your efforts well worth it.

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