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What Should You Expect from Security Guard Services?

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As a property owner, hiring security guard services to watch over your building is a crucial investment. These professionals can be very valuable for property owners; they can save you money or even increase the value of your property. The key here is hiring security guard services who are up to the task. However, the question remains: how can you tell if you are hiring the right company? Here are some things that you can expect from a competent security guard service provider.


Security guards do more than just protect; they also offer hospitality. Whether you own a residential or a commercial property, you want to make people feel comfortable. The guard does not have to intimidate anyone coming through the doors. In fact, they need to do the opposite and make everyone feel comfortable. For residential security services, they can greet guests, sign packages, carry groceries, make replacement keys and hold the door open. To add value to your property, hire a security guard that understands that hospitality is just as crucial as having an intimidating presence.


Every building has its own needs, so there is no blanket strategy that prevents crimes from happening on its premises. There are security services that will offer a strategy for preventing crime but they should be too pushy about it. Usually, the security personnel already know what is best, although there might still be some elements that a building owner wants to be addressed. Work together with the security provider for an onsite assessment to help you evaluable vulnerability, cut out unnecessary spending, keep security costs down and mitigate threats to data, investment, and staff.


Any service provider should be mindful of your requests and needs, but most building owners will leave strategy in the hands of the company that they hire, which is only reasonable. Security service providers should know how to come up with a strategy that will cut down theft without making the paying clients feel nervous. A good security service can create a plan to prevent loss in the business. Theft numbers can be affected by location, which can be very costly for property owners. A competent service should be able to get rid of this problem.


One thing that separates a good security company from a bad one is the kind of people working for them. The former will require thorough background checks and training while the latter will practically hire anyone with a pulse. If you can, go with companies that employ former law enforcement personnel. These retired officers are usually the best options when it comes to security as they already had so much training before they are even recruited. Well-trained guards should be able to assess threats and have the restraint to deal with them using the proper measures.


A security service provider should use all the technology at their disposal to ensure that they are keeping your building secure. Although video monitoring is helpful, it is not the only way for a security company to keep your building safe. Ask potential companies about the kind of technologies and services they use to keep buildings safe. Hire those that use the best technologies in the market. It can be tempting to cut costs by choosing the one that only uses video monitoring, but never compromise. Also, consider additional services like fire watch and virtual concierge surveillance systems.

Security guard services should be able to effectively assess your needs, create a strategy and take note of feedback on where they can put their efforts on. These services hire the best security guards for your property, keeping residents and employees safe all the while stopping crime that might take place.