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Social gatherings are an important part of our lives. They can happen at a concert, the zoo or a restaurant. If you are hosting any kind of event, it is important to hire security for events that can properly handle the crowd to keep everyone safe. Sadly, not everything always works out as expected. Crowds can be unpredictable and even small numbers can go awry. Keeping large groups of people safe will require planning, strategy, and common sense. Although tactics and strategies differ from event to event, most crowd safety practices can be applied to any kind of gathering. Here are some factors to consider to ensure successful security for events.

Knowing the kind of space or event you are setting up is important in creating a safe environment for your guests. You should also know the number of people expected to attend and the number of people the venue can host. Considering these, you would want to make it easy for guests to know where to go using custom signages, barricades, and added fence panels. Remember that effective crowd control is preemptive. Do a little research ahead of time so you can identify unsafe crowd conditions and anticipate how long the crowd control plan is. Here are some important layout factors to consider.

  • Pathways. Use barricades to organize the attendees into lines and give directions to the event area. Be prepared for any movement that may occur throughout the event. See if the guests will move from one area to another, or if you have enough space and time for people to move in between.
  • Set apart designated areas. If you are hosting an event, you have to consider many areas. For events with a stage, set up a backstage area where the performers can prepare. For guests, clear the areas where first aid or restrooms will be stationed. In large events, have a chill-out area, especially if it will be held outdoors in hot weather. Setting apart these areas will ensure that they are not used as pathways.
  • Make it easy to leave. You might have been too focused on getting everyone to the event, but it is very important to think about when the guests want to leave. Having an easy and safe exit can help protect the guests and prevent injuries. Ensure that the exit paths are well lit and clearly marked, especially since the event will take place after dark. Also, consider having alternate routes and multiple exits in case of emergencies.

If an emergency situation arises, it can be hard to efficiently and quickly clear a large space. This is why it is important to have an emergency event crowd control plan. Ensure that all staff know the emergency plan and are trained and ready to help guests exit in an orderly fashion. Get to know the pathways to the exits ahead of time and ensure that they can accommodate if everyone leaves at once. See to it that there is proper lighting, signage and clearly marked exits.

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