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Top 4 Risks for Security Teams and How to Respond to Them

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An antivirus will not stop a physical attack. Although many businesses are starting to arm themselves against the cyberattacks posed by malware and phishing, it is also important to also take into account physical security. without the right protection measures in place, any business will be left vulnerable to physical threats. Listed below are the top 4 risks for security teams and how to properly respond to them.

Security Risk Assessment #1: Tailgating

Many workplaces are secured with some kind of access control, whether a swipe card access point or a locked door. Unfortunately, these physical security measures are easily overcome by a determined attacker. Tailgating is when an authorized person follows an authorized person into a secured area. This naturally happens as multiple people pass through doors and only the front requires identification. The people following behind will simply follow through.

The good news is that tailgating can be limited using the right physical security measures. If you are willing to make the investment, consider installing anti-tailgating doors. Another way is to give physical security training to your employees. Raise awareness and offer them a rigid physical security policy. Also, encourage them to report tailgating attempts that they witness to security personnel.

Security Risk Assessment #2: Document Theft

Any office is likely to have documents and papers lying around in many places, from printer stations to desks to shelves. Sensitive documents can easily be unaccounted for and even fall into the wrong hands. Even when they are not taken from the office, a visitor can still see information that they are not authorized to see.

One effective way to prevent accidental revelation or theft of documents and information is to come up with a clear desk policy. This kind of policy ensures that all desks are clear and all documents are put away at the end of every workday. This makes it less likely that sensitive documents are left in vulnerable areas. Also, ensure that employees shred sensitive documents if these are no longer needed. To prevent document threats, institute access control and prevent unaccounted people from accessing your workspace.

Security Risk Assessment #3: Unaccounted Visitors

If you do not know who is in the office at a specific time, it can be hard to keep a high level of physical security. Visitors who are unaccounted for pose a serious risk because you do not know if they were present if a particular incident happens.

Consider access control with ID doors and swipe card access for your business. Ensure that all visitors are accounted for by giving them visitor passes. By doing so, you can always know if a person in your building is authorized to be there. As an added security measure, have a log of entry so you can later verify if a particular person was within your building. Make sure that everyone is actually using verification that they are authorized to use.

Security Risk Assessment #4: Stolen Identification

The access control system will only work if everyone uses their own identification. If people who go in and out of your business premises use someone else’s identification, the whole point becomes useless that you might as well as no access control at all.

Educate your employees on the importance of protecting their identification and access cards. Without proper training, employees can share or borrow each other’s cards, making it hard to monitor access. Employees might also be careless with their ID cards unless the importance of protecting them is demonstrated.

Although the right physical measures are crucial in protecting your business, in the end, it will not be the anti-tailgating doors and security barriers that will keep your business safe. Raising awareness of physical security among your staff and encouraging them to take a more active stance in defending the workplace remains to be the most effective way to combat security threats.

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