SWC Security


Well I do not know where to start this Month’s Newzzzz.

Quote apart from acknowledging the many complimentary notes of commendation

from our many many clients who used our services (events, birthdays, special events and many others) during November , December, January and February we have had the added burden of having to install our Managing Director’s special electronics system prior to his departure overseas to get married.

Firstly I must name some of the many users of our services and who rang and/or wrote/or Emailed us their appreciation and compliments for the services/products they used over the past couple of months:

There was Michael – thank you for your letter of praise (It was read out at our monthly meeting to the staff – may I say a bit of blushing prevailed)

There was Lorraine – likewise re her electronic home system and the one we installed also in her factory.

There was Richard – now has the ability to dial up his Factory CCTV system and look around as well as doing likewise with his residence. This was excellent for him as he was on holidays in Queensland and his residence/factory were in Melbourne.

There was Jeffrey – with praise for our risk management manager and also electronics and access installed within his offices.

There was Mike – thanking us for the very experienced personnel we had assigned to care for those attending the anniversary celebration he was having.

Remember!!!! Every element of security (be it personnel, electronics, cctv, access management and control systems; IF YOU WANT THE BEST SIMPLY RING OUR 24/7 TELEPHONE NUMBER 1300 660 324..

Yours in service,
The Editor’s Room 28/02/14