SWC Security


As we have always said; “If you want the best and most professional personnel on the ground looking after your special events, security, crowd safety, and road traffic management then do not hesitate to ring our 24/7 telephone number 1300 660 324.

Our March has been an excellent example of our abilities and performances.

Our involvement in the university’s Orientation and enrolment period (some 40 persons over a 6/7 week span) tested our rostering skills and matching the right people to the exact duty resulted in positive feedback for all of our resources that were involved.

Our shopping center teams have received excellent feedback from Developers regarding the Teams’ efforts in addressing Graffiti. A problem over the past few months that has been literally eliminated.

This was done with the additional use of monitored CCTV systems and excellent mobile patrol work by our Patrol Officers.

Now to front the busiest and shortest period of the year apart from Christmas.

Yours in service,
The Editor’s Room 31/03/14